Urolagnia / Golden Showers / Watersports - Everything You Need To Know About Fetish Pissing Practices
Golden Showers and Water Sports For Fetish Pleasure - Urolagnia / Pissing Facts And Information
Golden Showers and Water Sports - Facts And Information - Urolagnia

Admit it. You’ve peed in the shower before. We all have. You may not realize it, but peeing in the shower is just one step away from water sports. The term water sports refers to the emptying of the bladder in a sexual act or manner. Most people have heard of “golden showers” but this is only one type of water sport. Many people wonder why anyone would do such a thing. Participants in water sports believe that if you love someone enough to have sex with them, you should love everything about them, including their bodily fluids. And you should want to share everything, even their urine. Urinating feels good and you should want to have that good feeling with your lover.

There is a certain stigma attached to water sports, and a couple of myths that may prevent interested people from trying this sexual activity. One common misconception is that urine is dirty. In reality, urine is so sterile when it first leaves our bodies that it has been used as a disinfectant in war times. Like anything else, when it has been sitting around for awhile it isn’t sterile, but participants in water sports don’t have to worry about that because they use the urine right from their own bodies and then usually clean up immediately.

Another reason many people avoid water sports is because of the unpleasant smell of urine.

Our instinctive distaste for this urine smell is a biological reaction. You cannot drink only straight urine for any extended length of time and survive, and urine has an unpleasant smell to remind us of that. However, you can control the degree to which your urine smells by controlling its concentration; very diluted urine has no smell or taste. If you are interested in trying out water sports, try drinking a lot of water or fruit juice beforehand. Also try avoiding such foods as meat, fish, dairy, eggs, peas, beans, lentils, asparagus and peanuts to cut down on the smell of your urine. In order to increase your urine output, avoid sweating, such as from strenuous activity or time in the hot sun before making love.

And how much fluid should you drink? For maximum urine output, you should consume three liters (about 96 ounces); you will begin to feel the urge in about 45 minutes, and thereafter every 15 to 20 minutes for several hours. If you prefer, you can drink 12 ounces every 5 or 10 minutes. Your urine will smell and taste like water, though it will retain some of the flavor of what ever you were drinking. If your lover's urine is this diluted and you choose to drink it, you can because urine is not harmful. Undiluted urine is made up of -
Nontoxic minerals such as salt, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and phosphate Nitrogenous material, urea.
Creatinine, which is responsible for the color and odor
A small amount of uric acid and
An even smaller amount of ammonia.
Water-soluble vitamins like C and B-complex.
Toxins that you consumed, such as Alcohol , Caffeine and some recreational drugs.
Small quantities of blood protein.
Sloughed off cells and mucous from your bladder and urethra linings.
In males, traces of semen, especially after sexual activity.
Trace quantities of hormones, including sex hormones.

Urine should not contain sugar (glucose) in any but minute amounts. If someone's urine is discernibly sweet, barring his or her having consumed an artificial sweetener, that person ought to see a doctor.

A word of caution
Water sports involves the exchange of bodily fluids, and in order to avoid the transmission of a sexual disease, should be considered only in the confines of a mutually monogamous relationship. Also, you should not insert anything into someone’s urinary system. The risk of infection and injury is just too great.

Interested in trying out water sports? Or just fascinated to see what other kinds of games there are? Check out these ideas from some water sport participants and see if anything tickles your fancy.

Watersports Games for Women
Cataracts of the Nile - The woman lies on her back with legs apart. The man stands or kneels between her thighs. The man pees as hard as he can, directing his stream onto the woman’s clitoris. The man cannot be erect when doing this. You will probably want to experiment with standing or kneeling, as different women will have different preferences over how high the stream should come from.

The Fountain of Venus - The woman waits until her bladder reaches the limits of comfort and then lies on her back with her legs apart. Her partner kneels or lies between her thighs facing her. He then begins licking her genitals, paying close attention to the sensitive area just below her clitoris. The woman should hold back her urine as long as she can, and when she can hold it no longer, release it. Her partner should keep licking, perhaps drinking some if he feels so inclined. The woman should keep peeing until she is empty, allowing herself to come whenever she feels moved to do so.

Watersports Games for Men
Log in the Amazon - This time the man lies on his back. The woman squats over his penis and stimulates him manually. When he is erect, she pees hard onto his penis, moving her stream up and down the length of his shaft.

Watering the Oak Tree - The man lies on his back and the woman squats over him with a full bladder. She inserts his penis into her vagina, but does move. Instead, she adjusts herself so that she is comfortable and then pees. As soon as her stream starts, the man is likely to ejaculate immediately.
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