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Safe Swinging Sex - Facts And Information For Swingers

We all want our sex to be passionate, zipless and spontaneous. And when people hear the words "safer sex" they don't necessarily assume spontaneous passion. However, this is exactly what can and should be expected when practicing safer sex. Safer sex practices are becoming more and more prominent in the swing lifestyle with the increasing concerns over HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Not only when swinging do you need to worry about your health and safety, but you also need to worry about your primary partner’s health and safety, as well as all of your sexual playmates’ safety. And when a new person is hot and aroused by you they probably won’t say no to any safer sex practices because they really want to be with you.
First of all, let's give a brief definition of safer sex so that we all know exactly what we are talking about. Safer sex is sex that prevents the sharing of high risk bodily fluids that may contain the HIV virus, or other viruses. Fluids such as semen, vaginal secretions, and blood are considered much more high risk fluids because virus transmission is easy when contact with these fluids occur due to their potentially higher content of the HIV virus. It is also very high risk to have these fluids come into contact with broken skin or thin membranes, such as the anal lining. Allowing these fluids to come into contact with a woman's vagina is also considered very high risk. Safer sex is not a guarantee that no disease will be transmitted but it does lower the risk of transmission extensively.
So, the first thing to know is that you can do some very erotic things while swinging that are very low risk and require no added protection. Nibbling that does not break the skin is wonderfully erotic and fun. The ears & neck are wonderfully safe erogenous zones that most people love having sucked & nibbled. You might want to start here. Then, slowly begin to undress your new sexmate. Or, if you want to heighten your playmate’s excitement you may want to tease them by undressing near them but when they reach for you, backing away. Let them know that they need to wait and that the longer they wait, the better the prize. Many swingers find massage very erotic. Massage that does not include genital contact can be wonderfully hot and steamy and 100% safe. Licking, sucking, and nibbling on your playmate’s nipples & breasts can be wonderful and as long as they aren't nursing or leaking, safe too. Masturbating in front of another swinger can be terribly erotic and will probably make her cream her pants or leave him with a huge bulge in his shorts, and is exceedingly safe as long as you wash your hands afterwards. Indulge in these safe steamy pleasures. Enjoy your erotic freedom without worry.
I know that now some of you are thinking, "here comes the latex, and there goes the spontaneity." And I say, not so! We know how to make latex exceedingly erotic, steamy, and spontaneous. The next time the man you are swinging with is putting on a condom, just say to him, "allow me". Try to have unlubricated condoms with ribs or love dots available for this purpose. Open the package, put a few drops of a wonderfully slippery lubricant like Probe on the inside of the condom, which will make it feel great for him. Hold the condom in your mouth, and slowly roll the condom on the swinger's erect penis, using your lips and hands, being careful to leave some room at the tip. This is sure to drive him wild. Even if you are going to have vaginal or anal sex your own saliva will make for a good starting lubricant, so make sure to suck and lick him in his rubber raincoat until it is dripping with your spit. This would be a good time to add a lot more of that Probe lubricant to his protected penis. If you are planning to continue to perform oral sex on him, and if you aren't particularly fond of the taste of latex, make sure to cover the condom in a flavored water based lubricant that you have brought to the swing event for this purpose. If you like to use sex toys during oral, anal, or vaginal sex, make sure to put them into a condom as well. And make sure that the toy is clean both before and after sex play.
It is important when penetrating your sexmate’s vagina or anus with your fingers, hand, or fist to have trim nails and to wear latex gloves. The good news is that gloves can be eroticized as well. Try putting a few drops of Probe lubricant into each finger of the glove. This will increase tactile sensation. Most importantly when using gloves, it is essential to talk dirty while swinging. Don't be afraid to do this. The most erogenous zone of any person's body is their brain. This means that if you associate gloves with hot, steamy, erotic, orgasmic sex their use will be part of a very hot, steamy, erotic, orgasmic sexual encounter.
Now guys, what about for her? How can we make going down on a woman while swinging safer and hot? It is important to make sure that if you are eating out a woman or rimming your sex mate that the area be covered with either a latex dental dam or, even better, regular (not microwaveable) plastic wrap.
The beauty of these safer sex tips is that they will reduce your worry during sex, making it more pleasurable overall. And if these techniques are used, they are sure to drive your sex mate wild while swinging. Be safer and enjoy!
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