Swingers / Swinging Sex Rules Of Etiquette - Everything You Need To Know About Swinging Sex Practices
Swingers / Swinging Sex Etiquette - Safety Facts And Information For Swingers And Swinging Sex Parties
Swinging Etiquette - Facts And Information For Swingers

It is very important when swinging to follow certain rules of etiquette. This will allow for both you and the other participants to have a more enjoyable safer experience.
If you are new to the particular swing club or party that you will be attending, it is always a good idea to speak with the host/manager prior to the event and find out exactly what rules they have for their events. If is important that if you choose to attend the event that you follow all of its rules. If you are not comfortable with the rules of the swing event, find another swing event to attend instead.
When invited to a swing party it is considered polite to always RSVP, whether you choose to attend or not. Remember that RSVPing does not mean saying yes to an invitation, it just means replying by stating your intentions. When accepting an invitation it is always a good idea to ask the host(ess) if there is anything that they would like you to bring.
Make sure that before leaving for a swing event that you are well groomed. Shower, shave if necessary, brush your teeth, use deodorant, trim your nails if you like to stimulate your sex partners digitally, etc. There is no bigger turn off than poor hygiene. Also, pack your own bag of toiletries, towels, and safer sex supplies. It is unhygienic to share towels with strangers and it is always good to know that you have your favorite lube or condoms on hand.
If you are attending a couples swing event it is important to arrive with your partner. It is inappropriate to arrive separately. You should not attend a couples only event if you are single, and it is never considered acceptable to hire an escort to attend a couples only swing event with you. Furthermore, you and your partner need to decide whether you want to always participate together or if it is ok to have social time alone at a swing event. If the decision the two of you come to is that you will only have sex play together it is important that you do not then abandon your partner and socialize at the event on your own.
If a swing event is providing a group sex room it may be inappropriate to enter the room without your partner. If you are unsure about this, speak to the host. It is usually  considered rude to enter a private or group sex room to just stare and objectify the participants. It is also inappropriate to have an argument with your partner at an swing event, especially in a room where others are having sex. If you and your partner enter into a disagreement, the best thing is to leave the event until you can resolve the conflict in private.
It is considered inappropriate at most swing events to come high or stoned. It is also considered poor etiquette to become intoxicated at a swing party. Not only is this inappropriate for the other guests, but you may find yourself doing things that you don’t really want to. If you are drunk you may not remember what you did the previous evening. Being stoned or intoxicated can ruin an otherwise healthy enjoyable event.
You should never do something with which you are uncomfortable. It is always important to say yes only when you mean yes and to clearly say no when you mean no. Appropriate swing etiquette when turning down a sexual proposition is to simply say, “No, thank you.” Do not give an explanation because it is unnecessary and often leads to more hurt than just a simple refusal. If you proposition someone and they say no, never pressure or coerce the person and do not ask for an explanation. The rule at all swing events is that consent is of the utmost importance and that all participants be willing participants. If someone pressures you after you say no you should immediately report this to the host/manager. If you pressure or coerce someone, you will probably be reported to the host/manager.
If you are placing a swing ad it is considered courteous to respond to all replies within two weeks. Even if you are choosing to not further the interaction it is appropriate to make that clear and not just ignore the responses in which you are not interested.
Most important of all, have a good time! This is a great time to try new sexual activities, explore your wildest fantasies in a respectful manner, and push the limits of your sexuality and lifestyle.
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