Shoe Fetishist / Retifist Facts - Everything You Need To Know About The Fetish Attraction Of Shoes
Shoe Fetishism - Profile of a Shoe Fetishist - Shoe Fetish Facts And Information - Erotic Attraction Of Shoes
Profile of a Shoe Fetishist - Shoe Fetish Facts And Information

Shoe fetishists like to collect shoes that have been worn; some buy them and some steal them. The shoe fetishist doesn’t care about who wore the shoe because for him (and I use the male pronoun because shoe fetishists are predominately male) the sexual attraction lies with the shoe itself and not with the previous owner. I have learned that one place shoe fetishists get their shoes is from online auctions such as Ebay. In order to find out more about this interesting sexual phenomena, I put a pair of my own shoes up for auction on Ebay and that is where I met “Joe the Shoe Guy.”
Joe approached me about my auction for a pair of saddle shoes. I had the listing price as $10; Joe offered me $50 if I would shut down the auction and sell him the shoes. I agreed. Joe wasn’t interested in sexual pictures or anything of that nature — he just wanted quality leather shoes that carried the scent of the foot of the woman who had worn them. As we got to know each other via email, I learned that Joe was a professional, single, early 40s and uncommitted. He had female friends, as well as female sex partners, but no one special. He enjoyed “normal” sex acts with women, but preferred to masturbate alone to the feel and scent of his acquired shoes. No one in his real life knew about his fetish. Surprisingly, Joe was not interested in the porn sites catering to shoe fetishes, although he did like to have pictures of the shoes and feet of the women from whom he bought shoes.
Joe and I had an interesting arrangement: I would send him my old leather shoes and he would send me new shoes, money, or both. A good pair of worn leather shoes went for about $25. An especially worn pair went for more. Joe also liked shoes that had stepped on something that stuck to the shoe, like a candy bar. He also liked the idea of the shoes having been worn in some kind of aggressive situation. For example, he once asked me what I would do if I was very angry. I replied that I would probably stomp my feet (knowing that he liked scenarios about feet). He then asked if I would kick things and I replied that I would. He then proposed that I make a video for him of my getting angry and stomping around kicking things. He sent me $100 and an old pair of his glasses with instructions to grind the lenses into the ground, completely demolishing them. He wanted the video as well as his ruined glasses back. He also didn’t care about seeing my face or my body, although he did request that I wear a pair of cowboy boots he had bought for me.
Joe took great care in choosing shoes for me. He always bought very high quality brand name leather shoes, such as Birkenstocks, Bush Nunn, and Escata. His choice usually ran to black boots decorated with fringe and rhinestones, which was not really the style I wear. But I accepted them to please Joe and he then bought shoes more to my liking, such as loafers and ankle boots. But when he proposed coming to visit me and take me shoe shopping, I had to end our acquaintance. Online relationships of this nature can be fun, but I prefer to keep my online life separate from my real life.
I have learned that Joe’s characteristics are very normal in the world of shoe fetishists. According to the official website for, there is a difference between fetishes and sexual preferences. You are not a fetishist if your sexual arousal is dependent upon having an attractive partner or if you are turned on by a woman in black lacy lingerie, as long as the lingerie is not the object of your arousal. Fetishists are often unable to become aroused or climax without their objects. Sex experts agree that in most cases, the fetishist is not a danger to others and usually uses the fetish in private, as Joe did with his shoes.
So if you or someone you love has an unusual sexual attraction to inanimate objects like shoes, take heart. You are not alone, and what you are experiencing is very normal. Believe me, there are much stranger fetishes out there.
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