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Ultimate Beginner's Sex Toy Guide for Women - Facts For Sex Toy Virgins

The process of choosing the ideal beginner's sex toy starts with the admission that women have different stimulation preferences from men - and from each other -  which is why sex toy manufacturers create a variety of adult toys. The simple premise "There's something for everyone" is applicable to sex toy designs and functionality. Each major sex toy category has within its ranks a diverse selection of sex toys, providing different forms of stimulation.

You should ask yourself, "What type of stimulation do I prefer?"
Do you prefer clitoral stimulation, vaginal stimulation (G-Spot), or the simultaneous combination of the two? Identifying your own personal preferences places you in a position to save money, time, and effort.

Sex toys for solo use are divided into three specific categories: clitoral vibrators, insertable dildos, and dual stimulation toys. If you are looking for guidance on something to use with a partner, jump down to the Sex Toys for Couples section.

Clitoral Vibrators: Clitoral vibrators come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and power. Since the clitoris is located externally, it is likely that more women will be familiar with it than the G-Spot. The clitoris looks like a small pink bump at the top of the vagina. Many women enjoy sensual stimulation of the clitoris, and this is often the easiest way to achieve a truly clit-errific orgasm.

The Silver Bullet, Inner Desire Love Egg, and Bunny Bullet are commonly referred to as egg and/or bullet vibrators (or, simply, clit vibrators). All three vibrators will spoil you with intense, convenient, and calming clitoral stimulation, and are three of VibeReview's top-selling clitoral vibrators. These egg-style vibrators tend to be smaller in size, fitting nicely in the palm of your hand. Ideal travel partners are hard to come by - these are not (no pun intended). Easy to operate and providing a smooth stimulation surface, egg-style vibrators are one of the more appealing choices for a beginner.

Mini vibrators are another fine choice for clit stimulation. Usually 4-5 inches in length, mini vibrators are discreet, powerful, and sometimes waterproof. Even better, some of these fantastic clitoral vibrators come with textured toy attachments. For instance, the Rabbit Dancer and Juli Ashton's Mini-Rocket are standard mini vibrators, but they also come with soft, ribbed sleeves that slide over the head of the vibrator, providing unique types of sensations. And of course, no discussion about mini vibrators would be complete without mentioning the Pocket Rocket. The Pocket Rocket was one of the original mini vibrators, and is still one of the best.

Sex toy Massagers, like the Hitachi Magic Wand and Wanachi Vibe, are also quite effective as vibrators for clitoral stimulation. Designed with a large vibrating head, these vibrating adult sex toys generally produce great multi-speed power, adjustable to the user's preference of pulsation speed. Of course, they are also fabulous overall body massagers, and their "legitimate" use for therapeutic massage means that you will not have any embarrassing questions to answer if anyone stumbles upon it.

Vaginal and G-Spot Sex Toys: If you prefer penetration over clitoral stimulation, insertable sex toys are your best bet. Dildos, vibrating dildos, and G-spot sex toys are designed in a variety of styles, colors, shapes, textures, and sizes. Some women prefer wider and shorter dildos. Other women prefer longer and slimmer dildos. Most of us, however, prefer something a little more in between. It all depends on personal preference.

Dildos are commonly identified as sex toys that resemble actual penises. While not all dildos resemble and feel like the real thing, the ones that do are generally constructed with an ideal shape and size. This way, a woman who wants the best a penis has to offer can usually find a dildo that suits her needs perfectly. Dildos are great exploratory tools and women tend to learn a lot about their pleasure spots, while also maintaining a certain sense of familiarity with intercourse.

The UltraReal, Slim Blue Guy, and Jelly Dildo with Suction Cup are great examples of sex toy dildos of varying lengths, widths, and textures; however, each are designed with ideal penis characteristics: a well-developed, muscular penis head, veins and ridges that subtly add texture, slight or exaggerated curves in the shaft, and sometimes even testicles that externally stimulate the vagina when the shaft is fully inserted.

In addition to the dildos mentioned above, some dildos also vibrate. Quality vibrating dildos have a way of replicating intercourse stimulation, but they also add a little something extra that intercourse cannot provide. The Emperor is a delightful companion for beginners. Its natural appearance and ideal shape come alive with outstanding vibrations. Ladies, this is one great looking dick. Of course, more dramatic vibrating dildos exist for beginners who have a flare for sexual adventure. The Gigolo, Bulbplicity, and Briana Banks' Purple Magic Wand are a few of the best.

G-Spot dildos and vibrators are more popular than ever. Some of you may not know where your G-Spot is located, but you know when something feels good. Right? Of course! G-Spot sex toys feel wonderful, and they can help you find the right magic spot, which also improves intercourse for many women (more on that here). While a variety of styles and designs do exist, most women have reported that they prefer their G-Spot sex toys with vibrations, slimmer and longer shafts, and shaft curves.

The Ultimate G-Spot Wand, Quicksilver G-Spot, and G-Spot Wiggler are great for novices who want to arouse their secret soft spot, and each has the essential shaft curve for G-Spot stimulation. The Waterproof Nubby G is an updated version of the original G-Spot vibrator. It's slightly wider and shorter than the previously mentioned toys, but it has a long track record as one of the most effective G-Spot stimulators.

Dual Stimulation Sex Toys (AKA "The Rabbit") Dual stimulation sex toys combine the best of two worlds - clitoral and G-Spot titillation. These sex toys generally cost more than your average clitoral vibrator, dildo, or vibrating dildo, but the additional cost is justifiable in terms of increased pleasure potential. Dual action sex toys can have vibrating clitoral ticklers, energetic shaft vibrations, rotating beads, and a rotating shaft.
The Vibe Rabbit, Jenna's Beaver Vibe, and Great King are excellent ones to start off with. These will teach you a lot about pace and intensity, beneficial stimulation angles and penetration depth, and the benefits of direct and indirect contact. Additionally, most toys have controllers that can disable any unwanted stimulation, while keeping the part that you like. In this way, the toy can grow with you, allowing you advance at your own pace.

Vibrating Pleasure Rings: Erection enhancement rings (AKA "cock rings") have always played a role in male sexual activity. Not every man has worn, or needed to wear one of these devices; but most have considered them as an option - even if only as measure of curiosity. Cock rings help men sustain healthier, fuller erections that increase stimulation for women, especially those women who enjoy a wider and thicker penis.

In recent years, sex toy manufacturers decided to add vibration functionality to existing cock ring designs. A small or large vibrator is attached to the ring itself. As a man's penis penetrates a vagina, the vibrations come into direct contact with the female's clitoris.

So what about the benefits?
On one hand, men are able to achieve a pleasurable erection and increased sensitivity from the ring's tightness. Women, on the other hand, are satisfied in two ways: First, women get to experience a much fuller feeling from the additional thickness created by the ring. Second, women are able to experience direct stimulation of the clitoris. In essence, women are blessed with an opportunity for dual stimulation leading to new types of orgasms!

The Orbit Ring Vibe, Clitoris Flicker, and Little Digger are three of the most reliable vibrating pleasure rings. They are easy to use and clean, and are made of high quality material that doesn't lose shape or flexibility. Plus, each is designed with textures that improve vibration delivery to the clit. New vibrating pleasure rings are designed all the time, and if the present innovation is any indication of the future, these toys will have a glowing future.

Hand and Finger Vibrators: Oh foreplay, we have not forgotten about you! Hand and finger vibrators are one way to considerably improve your one-on-one time with each other. Folks find these devices useful for all kinds of sexual experimentation, especially men who want to please their partners to the fullest extent possible. Using a free hand in a constructive manner, for immediate stimulation of the clitoris or nipples, goes a long way toward an explosive climax that both people will cherish.

Out of all of our items, the Magnificent Vibrating Glove is probably the one we would most recommend to couples who are still a little unsure about bringing sex toys into their lovemaking. As partners caress one another, the Magnificent Vibrating Glove energizes every touch. Fantastic five-finger vibrations can delicately deliver pulsations to the nipples, back muscles, inner thighs, and clitoris. You might also choose the Fukuoku 9000 for single and dual finger stimulation techniques. Finger sleeves work wonderfully for foreplay and during intercourse to electrify your most sensitive spots.

Couples Kits and Restraints: Couples kits are created to keep both partners interested in improving their sexual relationship. Leap into the unknown with your loved one; a new level of intimacy is around the corner. The My First Couples Kit is as enticing as they come. Simplicity often works best, and the My First Couples Kit includes some common sex toys that couples can use for a long romantic evening together.

The 'Him and Her Ultimate Pleasure' Gift Set is one of the best overall couples kits available for purchase. It includes a dual action vibrator for her, a textured sleeve for him, and lubrication and a vibrating pleasure ring for both him and her. It is one of the most complete couples kits or gift sets sold on the Internet.

Restraints were once solely identified as gear used only by serious bondage enthusiasts. Times have changed, however; and as a result, couples are now using restraints to fulfill their most erotic fantasies. Unleashing the animal hidden deep inside of your mind is easy to do when you have the right gear.

Bondage Tape is an inexpensive introduction to a little playful naughtiness. Bondage Tape is fun, has no sticky adhesive, and offers an infinite variety of possibilities. Using reliable Handcuffs or Kinky Kitten's Cuffs to arrest your partner for dirty, dirty deeds also comes in handy. Or if you prefer style and a more playful approach to couple's restraints, the Leopard Lady Bondage Kit is an alternative. And, finally, Under the Bed Restraints is the best restraint system for couples. Easy to access, install, and uninstall, Under the Bed Restraints is one of the fastest ways to keep the flames burning hot and bright, all night long!
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