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Choosing the Right Sex Toy - Questions to Ask Yourself
Sex toys come in thousands of different sizes, shapes and functions -- you could have a different toy for every day of the week! But to narrow the search field, think about your needs and preferences, and consider the following questions:
What sex toy shapes appeal to you?
Do you find some sex toys silly looking?
Do you have a color preference?
Do you know what sex toy materials you like most: silicone, jelly, rubber or plastic?
Do you want stay traditional or try something new and wild?
Do you have trouble reaching orgasm during penetration?
Do you consider yourself to be "clitoral?"
Do you want to use your sex toy alone or with a partner?

There's no right answer to any of these questions - whatever floats your boat is fine with us! However, you'll have an easier time selecting your pocket pal if you give it some thought before you try to buy. Whichever toy you decide to try, let your desires be your guide. Don't let other people's inhibitions bring you down. There is absolutely nothing wrong with buying, owning and using sex toys! Whether you use your toys alone or with a partner, you are enhancing your life and pumping up your sex drive. Furthermore, you're keeping an open mind and trying something new, which is the key to life-long learning. So relax and enjoy yourself. Who knows? Perhaps some day you'll have a whole treasure trove of titillating toys to tickle your fancy!

Vibrators and dildos that will add a buzz to your sex life
Lots of couples have perfectly lovely sexual encounters without ever introducing a sex toy into the mix. But to me, that's kind of like eating a good dinner without ever moving on to dessert. Sex toys complement sex by extending one's palette beyond its usual range. On top of that, they're terribly seductive - anticipating an orgasm delivered by a remote control vibrator awakens the senses as surely as a piece of chocolate truffle cake.

If you think I'm a sex freak and a food junkie, let me assure you that for fifteen years I've talked to thousands of men and women about sex toys. I continue to encounter two pretty tenacious myths about couples and sex toys. The first is that sex toys are fine when you're single, but should be quietly shelved once you become partnered. The second is that sex toys are only acceptable for couple's play when they're prescribed as "marital aids," in other words, to fix something that's broken.

But just like kids' toys, sex toys exist for the sole purpose of adding a little fun to your sexual repertoire. Couples who share toys open up whole new vistas of pleasure - they can experiment, tease each other, and explore new heights of sexual satisfaction. If you're tempted by the idea of toys-for-two, here are a few styles worth trying:

Vibrators Built for Two - The penis ring/clitoral vibrator is a super-stretchy cock ring that slides over a man's penis. Attached to the ring is a clitoral vibrator, you wear it on top of the penis so that it vibrates against the woman's clitoris during vaginal intercourse. The tiny microchip powering the toy provides plenty of buzz for both parties. If you seek more of a high-tech thrill, look for strap on vibrators that are powered remotely. After slipping on the g-string or panty, the woman awaits clitoral vibration, which is activated via a remote control operated by her partner. These toys are especially great for couples seeking a semi-public thrill, for those who like to relinquish (or assume) control, or anyone who relishes the thrill of anticipation.

Toys to Take You Over the Top - Most women need extra clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm during intercourse. These toys are designed to do all the work, so you both can relax and enjoy the ride. For hands-free pleasure during penetration, a woman can strap on a tiny-but-mighty thong-style vibe. By sliding the rear strap to the side, she'll enjoy plenty of access along with powerful clitoral vibrations.

Walk on the Wild Side - Whether you're experimenting with role-play, exploring new sexual terrain, or feeding your erotic imagination, these toys encourage couples to move beyond the limited definition of sex as penis/vagina intercourse. Women who've always fantasized about having a penis, or couples interested in anal play can get started easily with a harness and dildo combination.

Penis Pumps - Penis pumps were originally developed to help men with erectile dysfunction achieve and maintain an erection. This is the only medically endorsed use of penis pumps, and it has been made all but obsolete by Viagra, Levitra, and other drugs. Nowadays pumps are used by men recreationally to enhance their erections for sex or as an accessory for masturbation; by men who use pumping as part of a regimen that they believe can increase their penis size; and by avid "pumpers" who enjoy using the temporary effects of pumping to enlarge their organs to extremes. The latter sometimes belong to pumping clubs and post photos of their results on the Web for others to view. Keep in mind that pumping as some people practice it can be very dangerous. In some cases, the pumped up tissues can take a week or more to return to normal. And extreme or prolonged pumping can result in permanent damage to blood vessels in the penis and the penile tissues. We cannot endorse prolonged or extreme pumping as practiced by some aficionados, and if you choose to attempt that degree of pumping, you must realize the medical risks you are taking. On the other hand, light to moderate pumping, if done with common sense and for brief durations, can provide both pleasure and a temporarily larger tool.

Masturbator Sleeves - Tired of giving yourself the same humdrum hand job? Maybe you should try a masturbator sleeve. Masturbators are soft sleeves of stretchy rubber or flesh-like material that give your cock extra stimulation and can simulate the orifice of your choice. Put your tool in the gentle-but-firm grasp of one of these grippers and you'll be shooting a load in no time. Masturbator sleeves shaped like female genitalia have been around for a long time, and are traditionally called pocket pussies. Some of these molded rubber hair pies, fringed with faux fur, are truly scary and are strictly low-rent novelty shop quality. Fortunately, the sex toy industry has advanced, and thanks to breakthroughs in materials like Cyberskin and jelly, masturbators now look and feel much nicer.

Anal Beads - They're shiny and come in a rainbow of eye-popping colors, but these jewels are worn where the sun don't shine. Anal beads resemble a string of pearls or beads - very large beads - which are meant to be inserted into the anal cavity. Part of the fun is putting them in, but the payoff is pulling them out, particularly at the height of orgasm. This creates a series of strong waves of stimuli in the anal area which coincide with the muscular contractions of the climax, resulting in a mind-blowingly enhanced orgasm. In their most basic form, anal beads are simply a set of molded plastic beads on a string, usually with a pull ring for extraction. While inexpensive, these sets have some drawbacks. They are difficult to clean and the string part can get nasty, especially at the knots and where it meets the bead, where "stuff" can get trapped. The plastic can also have edges remaining on it from the molding process, so examine the beads carefully before use and smooth out any seams or protrusions with an emery board or some fine sandpaper. If you can find strands of beads that have been dipped entirely in latex or silicone, that will solve both of those problems. There are also metal beads for added weight, or beads with internal weights that move around when they're inside you. The other type of anal beads are molded as one piece of vinyl, silicone, rubber or jelly. They are more like balls connected by a flexible rod, or stacked in a row. This makes them easier to clean, and to insert and extract. Also, depending on their rigidity and length, they have the potential to penetrate deeper up the ass. Some of this type also come augmented with vibration features. Similar variations include ass, butt plugs and dildos that are shaped like stacked spheres, or are wavy enough to simulate the anal bead effect, giving a rectal rollercoaster ride of undulations. Anal beads vary in size, but they have to be large enough to create a distinct impression, or "blip" as they pass through the sphincter. In an average set the beads are .5 to 1.5 inches in diameter at the max. Larger sizes are available (2 to 3 inches in diameter) but we don't recommend them unless the insertee is very experienced with anal play. Some sets are graduated, beginning with smaller beads and increasing in size. This type can be handy for beginners, because you can start with the first few beads and work your way up to the larger ones.

Butt Plugs - Everyone has a butthole, so everyone can enjoy the anal stimulation that butt plugs have to offer. The asshole is the site of the hot-button prostate in men, and it’s rich in erogenous nerves in both sexes. For backdoor novices, a small plug can be a great introduction to anal intercourse, while for pros, a larger plug can give satisfying fullness and give an extra kick to masturbation or sex with a partner. Butt plugs are sex toys that are specially designed to fit, and stay, in your ass. Plugs are usually cone shaped; they start slender, then widen a little – or a lot – then taper in again and widen out to a flange, or base, that secures the plug and keeps it from slipping completely into your rectum.

Cock Toys - Penis extensions fit on or over your cock to add length and girth to it. Cyberskin penis extensions have the benefits of both feeling extremely lifelike and being comfortable to wear. Cyberskin penis extensions come in both strapless and strap-on varieties. Handle your Cyberskin extension carefully as you put it on and take it off. It is flexible and stretchy so you can roll it on and off as you would a condom. Don't tug on it or pull at the end or the edges. If you are having anal intercourse while wearing a Cyberskin extension, we recommend covering it with a condom for several reasons. The extra tightness and friction of the anal passage will put more stress on the material. Second, Cyberskin is porous, and using a condom will make it much easier to clean afterwards. Finally, using a rubber for anal sex is always a wise safer sex practice, and though an extension resembles a condom, it isn't one and shouldn't relied on as you would a condom to prevent STDs. Cyberskin material is also used for some cock rings. The stretchiness of the material makes these rings easy to put on and take off. Most Cyberskin cock rings are designed to fit around the base of the penis above the balls. They help maintain an erection by slowing the flow of blood out of the penis. Cyberskin cock rings also lend themselves well to the addition of clit stimulating knobs or vibrators. Because it restricts blood circulation, never leave a stretchy cock ring on for more than half an hour.
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