Couples Sex Toys Dangers - Couples Can Still Transmit And Contract STDs If They Use Sex Toys Together
STDs And Couples Sex Aids / Sex Toys - Facts And Information About Couples Sex Aids / Sex Toy Safety
STDs And Sex Toys - Facts And Information About Couples Sex Toy Safety

Fact - just because your sex toy isn't alive doesn't mean that you can forget about STDs. Read on to find out how you can protect you and your sex toys. Also, if you're searching for that elusive first time orgasm take a look at our top options.
Can I catch a sexually transmitted disease from my sex toy or from sharing someone else's sex toy?
Yes, you can catch a sexually transmitted disease from sharing a sex toy with someone or if you use someone else's sex toy without taking the necessary precautions. However, you cannot catch a sexually transmitted disease from your own sex toy if you do not share it with anyone else. At best you will contract a bacterial infection if you do not clean your sex toy properly. Sexually transmitted diseases are transmitted through the exchange of bodily fluids. Sexual activities that may allow a partner's body fluids into your body include: vaginal sex (penis in vagina), anal sex (penis in anus), oral sex (penis in mouth or tongue in vagina), oral-anal contact (tongue in anus) or fingers or sex toys in vagina or anus if the fingers or sex toys have infected bodily fluids on them. The bottom line is that if you exchange bodily fluids with an infected partner, you are very likely to develop a sexually transmitted disease whether it is from a genital to genital/anus, oral to genital/anus, or sextoy/fingers to genital/anus. Note that the risk of catching an STD usually exists for both partners, as the risk of infection runs both ways - either partner may infect the other.
How do you go about minimizing the risk of contracting STDs from sex toys?
Evidently sex toys should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after use, with special attention given to drying the sex toy so that molds or bacterial colonies do not form on the sex toy. It is generally good practice to use a condom if the sex toy is going to be inserted in either the penis or the vagina. If you plan on using the same sex toy for vaginal and anal stimulation, use a new condom for each orifice to minimize the spread of bacteria and the possible development of Hepatitis C. The same applies if you are sharing a sex toy with a partner - new condom for each orifice and for each partner. Another method is to avoiding unsafe sex practices and to focus on non-penetrative sex (such as kissing, massage, mutual masturbation, oral sex without fluid exchange, using vibrators or other non-penetrative sex toys). However, it is always best to be frank with your partners about your sexual past and to have them be frank with you about their sexual past so that you can inform yourselves and find the best way to keep you, your partner(s), and your sex toys STD-free.
I am married and I have never had an orgasm and I would like to see if I can have one using a sex toy but I don't want to upset my partner. What would be a good, discreet sex toy for me to purchase that would get the job done and keep my partner in the dark?
Applaud yourself for your desire and willingness to explore new territories in order to experience your first orgasm, don't keep your partner completely in the dark about his or her inability to bring you to orgasm. Use a vibrator and/or a sex toy not only to pleasure yourself, but also to learn more about your own sexual triggers through masturbation with the vibrator and/or sex toy. Once you have determined what feels good for you and what you need to achieve orgasm and feel fulfilled in bed, share your new-found techniques with your partner to improve both of your love and sex lives. You may even consider incorporating the sex toy into your mutual sex play when and if you are both comfortable with the idea. Try watching a few adult videos that will demonstrate how to use and choose the sex toy for you, how to achieve better orgasms, or how to add fantasy and orgasms back into your married sex life.
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