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The Price Of Sex Toys - With Sex Toys You Get What You Pay For

In a world of brand names, designer clothes and flashy cars, it is no surprise that we've been conditioned to think that what costs more is always a better product. But does this hold true for sex toys?

This quote puts it best: “The difference between a ten dollar vibrator sex toy and a hundred dollar vibrator sex toy isn't just in the material or the shape or any other small feature; it's the difference between a vibrator sex toy that lasts a week or a year, between a sex toy that feels great and vibrates on a million speeds and one that feels like a garbage bag taped over a lawnmower motor." That said, how does one avoid the "garbage bag taped over a lawnmower motor" vibrator sex toy and still manage to get the Lotus of sex toys minus the price tag? The answer is easy... it's all in the making!

Remember the 70's? Polyester may have looked great, but did it feel as good as cashmere? The same goes for sex toys - materials matter, if you choose a plastic or metal vibrating sex toy, no matter what you do, it is not going to feel as realistic as a vibrator sextoy made from cyberskin or ultraskin. Lower end materials such as plastic, jelly vinyl and metal that are used in sextoy construction may feel okay, but if you are in the market for a realistic experience, it would be worth your while to look into a pricier sex toy such as silicone or cyberskin that delivers not only the softness you'd expect from human skin but also the same texture as an erect penis. Try getting that from plastic!

Silicone, which is pricey but also hypoallergenic, easy to clean and smooth to the touch, is clearly the best of the best [sex toys]. Cyberskin, Futurotic or other lifelike materials warm to the touch and feel as similar to skin as you can get. Acrylic, a new trend in [sex] toys, particularly in dildos, offers a few crystal-clear perks: these seamless, hard [sex] toys can generally be heated or chilled for extra sensations. Because all these materials are so superior, [sex] toys made from them are often made by hand, which is part of the reason the price is usually higher. But trust us, the difference between [sex] toys made of good materials and those made of cheaper materials is a difference you'll notice."

Let me indulge in another car analogy to better distinguish the motor quality of a ten pound sex toy from a hundred pound sex toy. On one hand you have your old beat up Jalopy that barely gets you around corners puffing and sputtering, but somehow manages to get the job done - this is the ten pound sextoy. On the other you have your shiny new Lotus that takes you for an exhilarating, no-holds-barred ride every time; this is your hundred pound sextoy. Yes, you spend more, but the difference in motor quality and durability is worth the added sextoy expense. Generally, vibrators with Japanese motors are typically slightly better crafted; and Japanese sex toys are known for their durability and great motors. The only downside: maintenance. Better sex toy motors tend to burn through batteries a little more quickly but that is a small concession for the sex toy experience you will receive.

Top-of-the-line materials and motors influence sex toy quality but if the planning and foresight of sex toy design are so unique and truly effective that the sex toy stands alone in the market place, it adds to the premium nature, and price tag of the sex toy. There are no two ways about it, excellence in design, performance, and styling power make a huge difference in sex toy quality, durability, and success.

Quality comes with a price whether you are referring to sex toys or to other consumer goods. Do you always have to pay top money for your sex toy? No, in fact, if you're new to sex toys, you may want to experiment with a few inexpensive sex toys before you invest in a premium sex toy model in case the vibrations or stimulations from the sex toy do not meet your needs. After all, who really wants to spend a hundred dollars on a sensual sex toy only to discover that you purchased the wrong type of sex toy? Play with a beginner's sex toy and if you find it pleasurable, upgrade to a better sex toy that should last you longer and do you better!
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