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Tenga, the world renowned Japanese sex toy manufacturer and its biggest producer of masturbation aids for men, is an international, best-selling brand of innovative male sex toys. Now, to the relief of women all over the World, Tenga have produced their small Iroha Collection of high sex toys designed specifically for women, by women. Welcome to the beautifully erotic Midori Iroha, Sakura Iroha and Yuki Iroha Vibrators created for clitoris / labia / nipples pleasure and female sexual arousal and masturbation satisfaction.

Recommended By The Times of London:Sexual arousal and the ability to achieve orgasm are sexual response mechanisms, and the more you exercise those responses the better and stronger they will be. Invest in a good, mains-powered or rechargeable vibrator such as the Midori, Sakura or Yuki from the Iroha range of sex aids for women created by renowned Japanese sex toy manufacturer, Tenga."

Tenga’s Entry In Wikipedia: “Tenga is a Japanese brand of masturbation aids, also known as masturbators, for both women and men. The company's masturbators are noted for their design aesthetics, an accolade unexpected for sex toys, and have received a coveted Red Dot industrial design award. The word ‘Tenga’ is a classical Japanese adjectival noun meaning ‘Righteously arranged and elegant’, and is typically used to praise the beauty of a kimono or Japanese dance. This name was chosen to counter the often sleazy public image of adult goods, and with an aim to create high-quality products with new and innovative ideas. In 2012, Tenga released a new brand named Iroha, featuring a lineup of three masturbation aids destined specially for women. The products were endorsed by the former Aduly Video or AV Idol Yuka Minena, a self-described veteran user of masturbation goods.

Iroha Vibrators For Female Sexual Pleasure: Midori Iroha, Sakura Iroha and Yuki Iroha Vibrators are female self-pleasuring products, designed to respond to their natural needs. Iroha is a high quality brand created by women, for women, to provide a unique masturbation ans self-pleasuring experience unlike any other. Midori Iroha, Sakura Iroha and Yuki Iroha Vibrators provide a non-threatening, fun, safe way to treat your body to the luxuriously stimulating, arousal and orgasmic sensations it seeks and deserves.

Pioneering soft-touch material.
Simple two button control.
Convenient Storage/Charging case.
Water resistant and easy to clean.
Powerful yet quiet design.
FDA approved body-safe silicone.
Anti-dust coating.

An Inspirational Sex Toy Concept For Female Pleasure: Drawing inspiration from their quest to redefine masturbation pleasure for women, the female designers at Tenga have developed their Iroha range of luxury rechargeable vibrators, each offering a unique, powerful and innovative form of intimate clitoris / labia / nipples stimulation. A hallmark of the Midori Iroha, Sakura Iroha and Yuki Iroha Vibrators is the quality of their materials and the way they are engineered specifically for female pleasure. Each Iroha Vibrator is made from unique Soft Touch silicone which is smooth, supple and squidgy in texture and feels completely natural against your skin and sensitive spots. Combined with the quiet-yet-powerful vibrations and beautifully sculpted shapes, the Midori Iroha, Sakura Iroha and Yuki Iroha Vibrators allow women to enjoy a delectable self-pleasuring and masturbatory experience like no other.

Designed For Intimate Female Pleasure: Suitable for clitoral massage and shallow vaginal insertion, as well as stimulation of the labia and nipples, the luxurious Midori Iroha, Sakura Iroha and Yuki Iroha Vibrators represent a revolution in sex toy technology. Crafted from Tenga's proprietary silicone formulation, they don't attract dust or fluff, remaining smooth, clean and ready for some intimate sex play whenever you are. Escalating the pleasure factor with 3 speeds and a single vibration pattern, there is bound to be a setting for any mood. Choose between intensely resonant vibrations or indulge in high-powered buzz.

Created For Ergonomic Vaginal Pleasure: Shaped both aesthetically and practically, the Midori Iroha, Sakura Iroha and Yuki Iroha Vibrators are ergonomically desiged by women for women to enhance solo masturbation, intimate massage, foreplay and sex with a partner. The body of each Iroha Vibrator fits neatly in the palm of your hands, with the buttons mounted on the underside for intuitive control. The Midori Iroha, Sakura Iroha and Yuki Iroha Vibrators are all perfect for stimulating the sensitive nerve endings in your vaginal opening as well as your clitoris.

Different From Other Female Sex Toys: The soft and squishy texture of the Iroha Vibrators range differentiates them from other vibrating masturbators and intimate massagers. Offering a softer touch that more closely resembles the feel of flesh and skin, users will enjoy a more natural feel against your vagina, particularly the clitoris and labia, as well as a more subtle pressure during play. Control the Midori Iroha, Sakura Iroha and Yuki Iroha Vibrators 4 pleasing functions using the 2 buttons located for ease of use on the base. Begin by pressing + to move through the speeds and patterns, holding down - to decrease the settings and turn the intuitive toy off - not that turning it off is something you will want to do when the excitement of using your Iroha Vibraor is building up to its orgasmic climax.

Says Sexual Pioneer Tristan Taormino: “Until recently designer sex toy brand Tenga have focused on creating innovative masturbation products for men. The Iroha range is Tenga’s first foray into targeting the female market and it’s certainly an impressive start. There are three attractive pastel coloured, palm-sized personal massagers in the range: the snowman shaped Yuki, the rounded Midori and the tulip shaped Sakura, all of which are suitable for vaginal stimulation. The Midori Iroha, Sakura Iroha and Yuki Iroha Vibrators all sit perfectly in the palm of the hand. Couple this with the super soft silicone that is both squidgy and supple. There are few vibrators that I know of with a texture such as this and if you’re sensitive to hard clitoral stimulators made of plastic, or a firmer silicone coating, then the these may be the answer you’re looking for. Design wise, they look wonderfully innocent, which adds an extra level of eroticism. Apply a water-based lubricant, imagine the silicone being the softest lips ever and it is easy to imagine someone, rather than something, humming against your clitoris. These Iroha Vibrators are about quality rather than features and let you build up and come down before, during and after orgasm. Really, it’s all you need. Although relatively expensive, the technology and quality you get is outstanding, so if you are serious about your sex play, either alone or with a lover, and want something truly exceptional when it comes to clitoral stimulation, then the Midori Iroha, Sakura Iroha and Yuki Iroha Vibrators would be an ideal addition to your sex toy collection. They are also amazingly inoffensive and non-threatening, so if you are considering introducing a partner or lover to sex toys, then the Iroha range is a perfect place to begin your experimentation. For me, Tenga have certainly made their debut to the female sex toy market a memorable one.”

Order Tenga’s High Class Midori Iroha, Sakura Iroha and Yuki Iroha Vibrators For Clitoris / Labia / Nipples Self-Pleasuring, Masturbation And Intimate Massage
Order Tenga Midori Iroha, Sakura Iroha And Yuki Iroha Vibrators At Discount Online Price From JT’s Stockroom
Midori Iroha, Sakura Iroha And Yuki Iroha Vibrators By Tenga For Clitoris / Labia / Nipples Stimulation
Midori Iroha, Sakura Iroha and Yuki Iroha Vibrators From Tenga For Female Clitoris / Labia / Nipples Masturbation Pleasure

The Iroha Vibrators from Tenga are truly adorable. Sensually plush and palm-sized, they look like minimalist anime animations come to life and come in three different varieties:  Midori - a pear, Sakura - Cherry blossom, and Yuki a snowman. Each Iroha Vibrator is intended for a slightly different purpose, but all with the same objective - female genital stimulation and orgasmic pleasure.

In recent years, enlightened sex toy manufacturers have realised that not all women want to frantically masturbate with pussy pounding, high powered dildos and vibrators the size of a horse’s cock! Tenga, from Japan, have used female designers to create their sensitive but subtle Midori Iroha, Sakura Iroha and Yuki Iroha Vibrators, which many women are now claiming to be the best pleasure playthings they have come across - no pun intended - in a very long while.

Tenga’s Iroha range have been designed for women, by women. This is a very welcome sign of Tenga’s sincerity, given the lack of knowledge most men seem to have regarding what it takes to make a woman orgasm. In real life, sexual female pleasure incorporates subtlety and tenderness as well as deep thrusting and energetic pumping. Both extremes have a natural place in a woman’s journey to sexual fulfilment, and Tenga have recogised this with their Iroha range. Girls, if you want to fuck yourself buy as big a vibrating dildo as your vagina can accommodate. If yoy want your clitoris and labia to be gently kissed and subtly aroused then you must consider the Midori Iroha, Sakura Iroha and Yuki Iroha Vibrators.

The whole aura of Tenga’s Iroha range is very Japanese, from their design to their general cuteness and  non-threatening appearance. The toys even look and feel like mochi, the traditional, multi-colored Japanese rice cakes. Like mochi, they are also marshmallow soft. Holding an Iroha Vibrator, you feel confused about whether you want to place it on your vagina or eat it. They are also extremely quiet, to the point of being barely even audible. In fact, any sound that comes from your Iroha Vibrator will be drowned out by even your mildest moans and whimpers of sexual arousal.

Plus, the Midori Iroha, Sakura Iroha and Yuki Iroha Vibrators are very simple to use. Each toy only has two, non-intimidating buttons. The female designers at Tenga understand that most women want their sex sex toys to give us orgasms, not make us feel confused and helpless about which button to press just as we are reaching an orgasmic climax. Plus, they are a convenient size, easily fitting in the palm of your hand, a small handbag, or even a pocket. Plus, in order to recharge the vibrators you just place them on the little recharge pad that comes in the box. Nothing could be simpler, or more convenient!

There are three vibrators in the Iroha range, each with slight variations on the same basic design:

Midori Iroha is shaped like a light bulb and just feels goodin its own subtly mysterious way.
The Sakura Iroha has a little indent that sits nicely around your clitoris. The  
The Yuki Iroha is partially insertable. It doesn’t go very far inside the vagina, but realistically how much do women really want in there?

All three Iroha Vibrators are as effective with a partner as they are alone, because subtlety of the designs and quietness of the vibrations allows users to focus on the sex, rather than being distracted by the toy itself. In the words of the song, Midori Iroha, Sakura Iroha and Yuki Iroha Vibrators provide Good Vibrations for everyone!

“Getting the kind of genital stimulation I prefer from vibrators is difficult, and the only external sex toy I’ve found so far that rivals my fingers for giving solo pleasure is the We-Vibe Touch, thanks to its unusual scoop shape. It’s like surround sound for my clitoris! I just wish it was softer because I like to apply plenty of of pressure when I get really aroused and pushing the We-Vibe against my little clitoris for twenty minutes feels great at the time, but the downside afterwards is bruised inner labia ,and that’s not fun. The Iroha Vibrators from Tenga seem to be aimed more at pinpoint stimulation using their respective tips, using a light touch to take full advantage of the silky soft skin. With three non-intimidating speeds and a single vibration pattern, the Midori Iroha, Sakura Iroha and Yuki Iroha Vibrators aren’t overly complex. Each Iroha comes in what looks like a pretty display case, which is actually the charging port. You plug this into the mains using the plug provided and wait two hours for it to charge. The instinctive controls are located on the flat underbelly of each Iroha, and for ease of use the buttons are the raised kind. If they were the flat Lelo kind I don’t know if I’d ever be able to change the speed as I was about to come. The vibrations of the Iroha Vibrators are somewhat rumblier than your average clitoris sex toy and more powerful than the Lelo Mia. In fact, they are more than enough for me and I use them both frequently. The Iroha Vibrators are a nice middle ground for women who don’t really know what they like, and they give me warm, fuzzy orgasms. I want to roll over in my duvet and take a little nap afterwards. Personally, I prefer the shape of the Sakura over the Yuki; I can smush the squishy pincers of the Sakura around for a kind of clitoris-cuddle, and I use the Yuki by pressing and rolling the little head around my labia, like a massage on a very small scale. I don’t use it internally as suggested. Yhe first three inches of the vagina might hold the most nerve endings, but inserting that small satiny sphere doesn’t do a huge amount for me.”

Buy The Tenga Midori Iroha, Sakura Iroha And Yuki Iroha Vibrators At Discount Online Price From JT’s Stockroom And Enjoy Unique Clitoris / Labia And Nipples Masturbation Satisfaction
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Midori / Sakura / Yuki Iroha Vibrators From Tenga: Women all over the World are excited about the new and original range of clitoris / labia / nipples stimulators from renowned Japanese sex toy brand Tenga. Named Midori Iroha, Sakura Iroha and Yuki Iroha, this small collection of three mochi-colored clitoris / labia / nipples vibrators is a perfect union of delectable design and seriously advanced sex toy technology. The cuteness of the Midori Iroha, Sakura Iroha and Yuki Iroha designs tells you that they are something special, but read the descriptions and independent reviews to discover what makes them so unique.
Tenga Iroha Midori Vibrator : The Midori Iroha Vibrator from Tenga is green and shaped like a pear. It is intended for external vaginal stimulation and orgasm promotion and is highly recommended as a self pleasuring clitoris, labia and nipples sex toy for first time users.
Tenga Iroha Sakura Vibrator : The Sakura Iroha Vibrator from Tenga is pink and is oval with a unique V shape cut out which  embraces the clitoris, nipples or labia for the kind of erotic stimulation that really arouses a woman when she wants some solo self-pleasuring satisfaction.
Tenga Iroha Yuki Vibrator : The Yuki Iroha Vibrator from Tenga is white and shaped roughly like a snowman. It is intended for both external clitoral stimulation, and gentle vaginal penetration as the top of it is insertable for more intense masturbation self-pleasuring.
3 - Midori Iroha Vibrator For Female Sexual Pleasure
2 - Sakura Iroha Vibrator From Tenga For Female Sexual Pleasure
4 - Yuki Iroha Vibrator For Female Sexual Pleasure
3 - Midori Iroha Vibrator For Female Sexual Pleasure
2 - Sakura Iroha Vibrator From Tenga For Female Sexual Pleasure
4 - Yuki Iroha Vibrator For Female Sexual Pleasure
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