Couples Sex Toys Questions - Frequently Asked Questions About Sex Aids And Sex Toys For Couples
Frequently Asked Questions / FAQs About  Sex Aids And Sex Toys For Couples And Swingers
Sex Toys For Couples - Frequently Asked Questions - Sex Toy FAQ’s

I want to buy my boyfriend a sex toy that we can both enjoy, any suggestions?
Cockrings are the way to go if you want a sex toy that can please both a man and a woman simultaneously, I recommend a model that vibrates.

My vibrator stopped vibrating but the batteries are OK, how can I fix it?
Unless you already have a fairly advanced knowledge of the function and repair of small electric motors I'd say you will need a new vibrator. These motors are not much different from the kind in some kids toys and we all know those motors don't last for ever right? If the vibrator is brand new it may have been defective.

What can I use around the house for sexual lubricant?
It is recommended that you use and buy only lubricants which are designed to be used on, in and around the genitals during intercourse. Household substances are not advisable as they may promote infection or cause other problems. Buy a proper water based lubricant such as KY Jelly or Astroglide. You might also want to avoid sugary favored sex lubes as the sugars can sometimes lead to a yeast infection.

How often should I clean my sex toy?
Wash your sex toy thoroughly absolutely positively every single time it has been used. Make sure that you use warm water and soap or a proper sex toy care & cleaning kit. It's also advisable to rinse off a sex toy again before you use it, just to remove any dust or fibers that may have accumulated during storage. It also feels nicer if it's warmed up.

Can sex toys spread sexually transmitted diseases?
Absolutely! Especially if the sex toy is being used right after or simultaneously with another person. If you are at all unsure about a person's sexual history you should reconsider sharing a sex toy with them. Although condoms can be used to cover a phallic sex toy this is still risky if you KNOW the person has a sexually transmitable disease. If a sex toy has been used by another person and properly washed with warm water and lots of soap then properly dried it should be free from germs. Consider a sex toy you share with a partner to be the same as having intercourse with that person as a rule and respond accordingly.

What is a good sex toy for someone who has never used one before?
This is a great question, and it shows your intent to become a sexually assertive woman. You go, girl! Sex toys are a great way to achieve sexual enrichment with a partner and add spice to a sagging sex life. They can also help women who have a tough time reaching orgasm or who are alone and looking for ways to enhance their solo pleasure. As for which sex toys to try, I always say to experiment with what appeals to you and then stick with what works best. If you are looking for a way to stimulate yourself to orgasm with a partner, you may want to try a vibrating internal device. Go easy. Pick what feels nice and comfy. Start with a small toy, such as a vibrating silver egg for vaginal stimulation, the Clit-Blaster vibrating pellet with penile sleeve or Juli's Pocket Rocket mini-vibrator for clitoral stimulation, then build up to the more elaborate and expensive toys.

How do you use Ben Wa Balls?
The size of the ben wa balls sex toys purchased and the nature of the woman's vagina determines when the ball is inserted. There is a point where the ben wa balls are retained by the muscular ring near the outside of the womens vaginas, this is actually an area the ben wa balls stimulate. If the woman is wearing cotton panties there is almost no chance for the ben wa balls to fall out during normal activity.

What type of sex toy, besides a cockring, can I use to drive my man wild?
This all depends on the guy, a safe bet is a vibrator inserted in a woman's vagina, or around the butt during intercourse, he will be able to feel vibrations through your body and into his. If you as the female can go so far as to insert a small vibrating bullet into your ass he will be sure to go wild. Some guys will enjoy anal sex toys for themselves, like butt plugs, some would not touch them with a 1000 foot pole, you have to know what kind of sex toy your male is comfortable with.

Is it true that a woman’s clitoris becomes desensitised from too much vibrator use?
At this point I've yet to hear from a person who has had this problem, I could only see a vibrator or other sex toy causing permanent numbness with extreme over use.
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