Bondage Buying Guide - Information About Buying Fetish, Bondage, BDSM And S&M Gear Online
Beginners Guide To Buying Fetish, Bondage, BDSM And S&M Gear And Equipment Online
Beginners Guide To Buying Bondage Gear And Bondage Equipment

Thinking about introducing Bondage into your relationship? Here are some good tips to help you decide on what equipment and other bondage gear to buy. The most important thing is not to go over board right from the start. If you go too heavy, you might frighten and put your partner off all together. Most people buying Bondage Gear for the first time tend to go for a pair of soft Blindfolds, some Cotton Bondage Rope, a Soft Suede Leather Flogger, a Feather Tickler and a set of Soft Bed Restraints. Our Ultimate Under The Bed Restraint System is a huge best-seller! Bondage Tape can also be fun to experiment with.
When putting your bondage gear into action for the very first time start off with just tying your partner to the bed with the soft bed restraints. We don't recommend blindfolding your partner on the first occasion. Let your partner see exactly what you are doing. This builds trust - and trust is the most important factor in any (bondage) relationship. Spank them very lightly with a soft suede leather flogger. Then tickle and tease them with a feather tickler. Watch your partner's breathing rythm at all times. From someone's breathing you can quickly tell how much they are enjoying it (or maybe not!). If your partner is not entirely comfortable with the ideal of being totally restrained to the bed try handcuffing them to one or two of your bed posts with a soft set of handcuffs or fluffy wrist restraints.
Once you are both comfortable with what you have just experienced, put the same Bondage Gear into action again - but this time with the blindfold. Being spanked and tickled with a Flogger and Feather Tickler without being aware of what is coming next is a very different experience - especially for the one blindfolded and tied down. At this stage you should introduce the 'safe word'. The safe word is a pre-agreed term (usually a single word) that the submissive person (subbie) can call out when they want the dominant person in the bondage relationship to stop whatever they are doing. If the subbie calls out the pre-agreed 'safe word', it is extremely important for the dominant person to refrain from what they are doing. If the master breaches the subbies trust - the relationship before long will be over. At this point you are probably beginning to realise that it is in fact the subbie who is in control of the bondage relationship and not the 'master'. The master's main role in a bondage relationship is not to totally 'control' the other person as such. What the master does is provide a safe environment where the subbie can explore their submissive fantasies.
If you're both comfortable with how things have been going so far you cant start to introduce a new selection of bondage gear and bondage toys to the relatioship. Now you might want to introduce balls gags which effectively prevents the wearer from talking. Vented ball gags, sometimes called drool gags, can make breathing a little easier. If your subbie is a little more daring you may want to try a ball gag with a head harness or one with a solid rubber ball. Spandex hoods are great too if you want to introduce sensory deprivation into your bondage play. Our Spandex hoods are highly effective blindfolds, they are thin and breathing is very easy. You may at some point want to add some more restraints to your bondage gear collection. Ankle spreaders and wrist spreader bars are very effective at restraining your partner. Our wrist to ankle spreader bars are particularly popular because they very effectively force the wearer into a kneeling forward position thus making them expose their rear end to you totally. The perfect bondage restraint for exploring spanking fantasies. Other popular bondage gear restraints include our wrist to thigh restraints and neck to wrist back restraints. They also are very effective if your aim is to put your subbie's hands out of commission.
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