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Ben Wa Balls - Facts And Information About Ben Wa Balls

Ben Wa Balls, also known as Burmese bells or Geisha balls are small, marble-sized metal balls, usually hollow and containing a small weight that rolls around, used for sexual stimulation (by insertion into the vagina or anus). Some may also be solid, or contain clappers or chimes within; other larger versions made of plastic encasing lesser balls are called Duotone balls. Reportedly, there is also a pair in which one contains a drop of mercury and the other, a tiny vibrating metal tongue, giving a uniquely erotic sensation even at the slightest movement of hips or legs . They are used by inserting them into the vagina or anus and using muscles to hold them in, and movement to stimulate and vibrate.

Ben-Wa Balls have a varied history, their origin and method of construction changing drastically depending on where you look. Most information concerning Ben-Wa Balls is vague and probably apocryphal. It is said that they originally were a single ball placed in the vagina, used to enhance the act of coitus, but shortly evolved into multiple metal covered balls linked by either a chain or silk string for easy removal. Usage of Ben Wa balls creates a subtle stimulation, not meant to bring the user to immediate orgasm but rather to tease. It is possible to leave Ben Wa balls in one's vagina all day, or use them while seated in a rocking chair, for an effect that some find pleasurable.

At the end of the sixteenth century, Ralph Fitch, an English traveller, encountered them in the Shan States of Myanmar.[citation needed] He described their use there by men. Less than a dozen years later, the Florentine merchant Francesco Carletti also reported their use in Thailand, where they were used to enlarge the penis.

Ben Wa balls may also be used to simply increase the strength of the pelvic floor muscles, much as the Taoist practice The Deer Exercise has been used for centuries,[citation needed] and the Kegel exercises are used today. Similar to Kegel exercises, Ben Wa balls and other shaped vaginal weights are recommended by gynecologists and obstetricians to increase vaginal elasticity and bladder control. Vaginal weights come in a cylindrical shape and are used in increasing weights to strengthen the vagina, which improves sexual performance. Mild urinary incontinence, such as that which occurs while coughing, laughing, or sneezing and occurs more often as women grow older, can be treated with Ben Wa balls,[citation needed] vaginal weights, or Kegel exercises.

The effect of Ben Wa Balls as erotic stimulator is disputed due to the fact that sexologists claim either no or very little sensation is felt by a woman.[citation needed] However, practitioners of such spiritual traditions as Tantra and Chinese Taoism believe that Ben Wa Balls are helpful tools to exercise control and to explore the sensual side of an individual.

They are also used in the postnatal period.

Confusion of Ben Wa Balls with Baoding balls
Although they look similar, Ben Wa balls should not be confused with Baoding Balls. Due to the common confusion, many Baoding balls are mistakenly said to be and sold as Ben Wa balls.

The Ben Wa Ball Debate - The Argument Against
Sexual health professionals state that, contrary to popular belief, Ben Wa Balls aren't as mobile as the marketing hype would have you believe. Says Dr. P. Sandor Gardos, "Once spheres of any sort are inserted into the vagina, they will simply sit there--not roll around as some people think. Any sensation a woman feels will derive from the slight vibration of the inner ball rolling inside the hollow, larger one as she moves." Apparently the vagina isn't as large as many women are led to believe; the walls of the vagina usually hold the balls in place, allowing only a slight amount of movement and the sometimes-undetectable feeling of the ball's internal weight rolling around inside. For many women, this subtle sensation just won't do--fans of power tools, pocket rockets and other high-frequency toys may want to shop around for another kind of toy.

The Ben Wa Ball Debate - The Argument For
It's true that by themselves, Ben Wa Balls only provide light stimulation. However, many people argue that we should be more in tune with our bodies, that we rely too heavily on high-powered stimulus for easy gratification. While some people don't have much of a quibble with that line of thinking, many others--among them Tantra enthusiasts, Taoist sex practitioners, yoga and meditation advocates and other endorsers of spirituality, health and sensual living--feel that we would benefit from a return to enjoying life's subtler pleasures. It's rumored that the orgasms achieved from using Ben Wa Balls are worth the wait. But ultimately, Ben Wa Balls can provide one very good benefit: with proper use, they can help to tighten and strengthen your PC muscle, which not only gives you a more desirable grip during intercourse, but also helps to control your bladder and prevent incontinence as you age.
Buying Ben Wa Balls Sex Toys - All You Need To Know About Buying Ben Wa Balls For Female Stimulation
Ben Wa Balls - Facts And Information About Using And Enjoying Ben Wa Balls For Vaginal And Anal Pleasure
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