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Anal Beads - Facts And Information About Anal Beads

Anal beads are a sex toy consisting of several small balls attached together in series which are inserted through the anus into the rectum and then removed with varying speeds depending on the effect desired (most typically at orgasm to enhance climax). Those who use anal beads enjoy the pleasurable feeling they receive as the ball passes through the narrow sphincter of the anus.

Design of Anal Beads
Anal beads are commonly made of silicone, plastic, rubber, latex, glass or metal and end with a ring or similar handle designed for pulling. The purpose of this ring is to prevent the sex toy from becoming fully lodged in the rectum, as well as to facilitate its removal. Some anal beads are enhanced with vibration.

Anal beads come in various sizes. Beginners often prefer the smaller varieties, while others enjoy the intensity of larger ones. The many nerve endings of the sphincter allow for sensations of arousal both during insertion and removal, and larger beads may create feelings of pressure while inside the rectum. Some user report that the cold from leaving the beads in the freezer for several hours creates a whole new sensation.

Molded plastic anal beads, especially inexpensive ones, might have on them small, potentially sharp remnants from the manufacturing process. One may use a nail file or semi-coarse sand paper to remove this extraneous material, making the toy more comfortable and reducing the risk of injury to the rectum.

Usage Anal Beads
Anal beads are used by people of all genders and sexual orientations, and though can be considered "kinky," they are not considered a fetish. They are, however, incorporated in many fetishes that involve anal sex, ass worship, spanking, or anything involving the buttocks, anus, or anal area.

The beads may also be used alone, for both men and women find them very stimulating.
As with all anal sexual activity, the anal beads and the rectum should be well-lubricated with a sexual lubricant intended for such purposes. It is important to do this as the rectum is easily ripped, torn or injured. Anal sex toys should be well washed with warm soapy water and left to dry naturally after use. Alternatively they may be placed inside a condom, which is recommended if they are shared with a partner.

Care must also be taken to count the beads after using them to ensure that all are removed from the anus. There have been instances of the string being broken by intense sphincter movements. If a bead gets stuck within the rectum and can not be pushed out naturally, surgical intervention may be necessary. Condom use might allow easy retrieval in this situation.

Anal Beads Safety
It is important to note that if the beads are threaded onto string, a porous material, they cannot be fully disinfected. So, they should not be shared between partners without using a physical barrier such as a latex or neoprene condom. Sharing anal toys that have not been sterilized could expose the users to various sexually transmitted disease.
Tristan Taormino, in her book The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women, recommends a toy based on the anal bead concept that is made of one continuous piece of silicone. Insertion and removal from the anus is smoother (no knots or catching), while the toy still produces the bead-like sensation. Silicone can be sterilized by boiling in water for three minutes.

How Do I Use Anal Beads?
Remember the anal mantra when it comes to butt play: “communication, lubrication, and relaxation.” If you're new to anal play, you might want to learn more in our beginner's guide to butt sex.

Communication counts! Whether you’re using anal beads alone or with a partner you want to stay focused on what your body or your partner is telling you. Playing together? Check in with your partner with simple questions: Do you need more lube? Would it feel better to add more stimulation on other body parts? Are you ready for another bead? Is it time to pull them out?
Get a lube job. Since the butt doesn’t self-lubricate, it’s important to apply lots of lubricant (try a nice thick water-based lube like Maximus or Sliquid), to your beads, and be prepared to add more as action progresses.
Make sure you're turned on. Read your favorite erotica or watch some adult videos. Listen to your partner talk dirty, but get yourself in the mood. Some people like to have an orgasm (get a hand with the Hitachi Magic Wand) before heading for the back door to ensure their whole body is relaxed and blood is really pumping through the genitals, which can make the anus more sensitive.
Gently caress the anus. Tap lightly or massage the anal area in preparation.
Go slow. Take your time and insert the first bead. Stop for a moment and let your body adjust to the sensation. Insert the beads slowly, allowing yourself to really savor the sensation. Stop to add extra lube when you need to. There’s no hurry to insert the entire set of beads to the hilt. The toy can feel just as nice when used partway, or just the first couple of beads.
Take a breather. Even if you’re reeling from the pleasure of the beads, don’t hold your breath. It’s a common practice for folks to take shallow breaths - or forget to breathe completely - during sex, but deep breathing is essential to enjoying sex, especially of the anal persuasion. Breathing deeply draws much-needed oxygen through your body, which helps to relax your muscles even further.
Add to your pleasure. Try adding other kinds of stimulation at the same time. Small vibrators like the Laya Spot vibe make it easy to send a good buzz to clit, nipples, penis, testicles or perineum while you’re working on the butt.
Go for timing. With the beads inside you and your orgasm building, try to time their withdrawal with your climax.
Gently now. Pull the beads straight out, rather than tilting them up or down. Resist the urge to yank them out as if you were starting a lawnmower, but respect your body and gently pull them out.
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Anal Beads Sex Toys - Facts And Information About Using And Enjoying Anal Beads For Women
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